Friday, December 24, 2004

Sam Barcroft's photos of Spiral Island

Just a note on XMas eve to let you know that Sam Barcroft has some excellent photos of Richie's Spiral Island on is professional photography site; Please check them out at :

Thanks for posting the the awesome SI shots Sam.



At 7:15 PM, Blogger james said...


I have some questions, about Spiral Island, I was wondering if you could answer for me.

1) Has Richie Sowa put out a book about building spiral Island? If not, are there any plans for one?

2) Did he have help in building it or is it mostly self built?

3) How much actual time was put into its construction?

4) How much money did he invest into building it?

5) The plants/ trees ............................many appear to be mangroves. I assume that their roots go all the way down to sea water. is this true? What other plants/ tress does he have growing on the island? How are they set up to be protected from salt in sea water? How often does he water the non-mangroves?

6) Do you have any plans or sketches that you could share?

7) I read that Sowa plans on attaching some sails and a motor...................has he already attached a motor? At what speed does the island move?

Obviously a book of details needs to be put out.

I would very much appreciate whatever technical info you could give me. I have been inspired to try it myself.....................



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