Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Spiral Island First Day RandyMac meets Richie Sowa

In early January 12, 2001, about one month after moving to Paamul, 3 kms north of Puerto Aventuras Mexico, my friend Burger told me of this cool floating island just down the road. Burger was learning to play guitar and Richie Sowa was his new music mentor. Later that day I decided to check this man made wonder out first hand.

I drove my little 4x4 down the road, turned into the Puerto Aventuras private resort, and met with Richie Sowa at one of the local cafes. Later that day, I made my way around the back of the resort using Richie's directions, and finally had my first viewing of Richie's incredible Spiral Island. Richie waved me over, so my friends and I made our way over to the island the eay way. We jumped into the lagoon for a swim and stroked our way over to this tennis court size man made eco island.

Richie was an incredible host, and it was soon obvious that he exuded a rare passion for ecology and the surrounding natural settings.

More later....